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Powertrim Technologies

The new company will build on the heritage of TFA Europe, founded in 2020 by 4 semiconductor tooling veterans, while rebranded to Powertrim Technologies to expand globally. In the heartland of the Dutch semiconductor back-end technology, the eastern part of the Netherlands, TFA Europe was set-up to fill the equipment gap in the growing market for power module packaging. As the global energy transition is in full swing, electrification of the automotive drivetrains, new industrial power applications and the massive growth of renewable energy solutions accelerate the need for power modules. Based on over 40 years of experience in semiconductor trim and form toolmaking and a vast experience in machine building, the founders of Powertrim have a head-start in this new market. Powertrim has the ambition to become the global #1 OEM in high performance handling, assembly and testing technology for automated power electronics manufacturing.

Powertrim Technologies is run as part of Include Industries where professional group support allows the Powertrim team to focus on their core-business of growing a leading semicon back-end equipment OEM. Functions like human resource management (HRM), legal, ICT, finance and digital marketing are pooled with other group companies.