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Meet the team

Power module packaging is teamwork, and we are happy to team-up

Powertrim Technologies is built by uniting the best of both worlds. TFA Europe, founded in 2020 by 4 semiconductor tooling veterans in the heartland of the Dutch semiconductor back-end technology, the eastern part of the Netherlands joined forces with Brainport Eindhoven based Include Industries, created by high-tech scale-up series-entrepreneurs. Together, the six founders of Powertrim Technologies have a bold ambition to win this fast-growing market of power module packaging. The Executive Board of Powertrim Technologies exists of Huub Claassen (Chief Commercial Officer), Ilko Bosman (CFO) and Daan Kersten (CEO).

To fuel our growth, we are hiring the most talented dream-team. Job profiles will be available soon but do not hesitate to reach out now if you are a team-playing industrial professional with ambition to build the #1 power module packaging company as:

  • Chief Technology and Operations Officer (CTO/COO)
  • System development & application engineer
  • Controls, software and data engineer
  • Technical sales & account manager
  • Sales engineer
  • Procurement & supply chain engineer