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Powertrim supplies high performance handling, assembly and testing technology for automated high voltage power electronics manufacturing

As the global energy transition is in full swing, electrification of the automotive drivetrains (battery and hybrid electric vehicles), new industrial power applications and the massive growth of renewable energy solutions accelerate the need for power modules. Powertrim equipment can be used in a broad range of power electronics, where high voltage (600V+) applications are most likely. With these, Powertrim is focusing on the automotive (mobility including aerospace), energy and industrial end-markets. Since the market is moving towards individual modules, Powertrim has decided to target single module packaging for high(er) voltage applications.

Our first flagship platform, the Powertrim Flex Line has a modular architecture and covers the core trim and form processes as well as adjacent process steps like laser marking, laser deflashing, optical inspection, quality control, loading and unloading. Powertrim has developed the Flex Line to enable power electronics manufacturing with holistic support.

Power module applications in hybrid and battery EVs are multiple

  • Motor Drives: Power modules are used in the motor drive system of an EV to control the power flow from the battery to the electric motor to enable precise control of motor speed, torque, and direction
  • Inverters: Power modules are used in the inverter system of an EV to enable efficient & accurate conversion of DC power to AC power to ensure smooth motor operations
  • Battery Management Systems: Power modules are also used in the BMS of an EV, which controls the charging and decharging of the battery pack to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Power modules within the BMS include measurement and control circuitry to accurately monitor the battery’s voltage, current, temperature and state of charge
  • DC-DC converters: These are used to increase or decrease battery voltages to serve the motors’ and other vehicle systems’ voltage needs

Industrial and energy end-markets offer additional applications for power modules

Besides hybrid and battery EVs, applications of power modules are found in other industries or end-markets like energy (photovoltaic solar systems, wind), medical equipment, industrial motors, power grid, welding equipment and consumer white goods (air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.).